Ellice barr, a seven year old from Deal, has cerebral palsy and had a second operation to lengthen her calves in order to improve the flatness of her foot and make her more mobile

Ellice Barr - 7 years

Ellice Barr, seven, pictured after surgery to lengthen her calves

Ellice’s Dad, Joe, quoted:
“Her goal for summer 2019 is to be able to play in the back garden with her brother, Jay, but it needs levelling, artificial grass laid and some raised beds installed.
“Not only will it be amazing to see her play in a place she never thought she’d be able to play in, it will also help her to gain strength as part of her rehabilitation
FOSN are working alongside Millwall supporters club and works are well under way to transform Ellice’s garden. Raised flower beds are in and the artificial grass is laid and we await the arrival of a new log cabin which will provide Ellice with a place to have her much needed physio!

Ellice Barr - 7 years

Ellice Barr during her rehabilitation sessions with Ben Stroud at Whitecliffs Crossfit

Ellice Barr - 7 years

Ellice Barr has been having regular physiotherapy with Kyle Grimsey at SDR Strength

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