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We are a small local children’s charity formed of Trustees that kindly donate their time voluntarily in order to help improve the lives of children with debilitating and life threatening diseases and illnesses. Formed in 1996, we have raised in excess of £850,000 to date and in 2016 we were honoured to receive a Pride of Britain Award.

Unfortunately, despite all of our efforts and the efforts and commitments of those who support us the needs of the many far outweigh the efforts of the few! We cannot sustain the level of funding required to help those children who have come to depend on our support and those children who so desperately need our support.

Please kindly help us to help others safe in the knowledge that if you make us your local charity of choice any monies that you may choose to donate will be spent wisely and without waste.

David Newstead – Trustee

Friends of Shelby Newstead is registered in England and Wales (1148360)

Mission Statement

To raise as much money as possible in the best interest of those children with serious illnesses that are known to us or referred to us by friends of friends.

To carefully consider any worthy cause referred to us and ensure that we distribute the money wisely and with all due consideration.

To ensure that once a donation is agreed, all monies are donated directly and swiftly to the said cause.

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