The 25th Celebration ‘Shelby Doo’ 14 November 2020


Dear Sirs and Madams

It is with deep regret that the ‘Friends of Shelby Newstead’ announce the postponement of our children’s charity fund raising evening for 2020.

Rest assured this decision was not taken lightly, however, given the unprecedented pandemic, and the effects thereof, we are very much in unchartered territory and as such our responsibility is in ensuring the safety and wellbeing of those that support us, their families and loved ones and to the Nation as a whole. We must protect our NHS and the sacrifices made by those that work within such, to whom we can only stand and admire and applaud whole heartedly.

For those of you who have already paid deposits we will gladly refund such, or, if you prefer, we can hold them against your name until 2021.

Our annual fundraising event is our primary source of fundraising and whilst we will not realise any monies from such in 2020, unfortunately, the needs of the many children suffering from serious illness does not wane. If you can find it within yourself to support us in any way through these challenging times, your generosity, however great or small, will help us to continue to help others. See our website for more details on our charity and how you may donate.

Whilst each and everyone one of us may now be faced with different challenges in these difficult times, one thing is for certain, we are all caught up in the same storm.

Yours, with heartfelt thanks, stay well and stay safe

David N xx    Sally N xx     Shelby xx